Sound off


Work not being done

The problem down here at Rhodes Pond they’ve got (plenty) of equipment sitting down there on the lot they bought. We don’t understand why they’re not cleaning up some of the debris and all that mess that showed up there at the pond. They’ve got it blocked off where nobody can go down there. That’s all fine and well, but people [are] having accidents more nights than others with these deers. If they would get that mess cleaned up ... I know deer will jump out in front of you in a second. But there’s just so much mess piled up there that nobody can see until it’s too late and they get their car torn all to pieces and some people get hurt.

What are they learning?

I seen some young adults in college and the man asked them “who was the first president” and they couldn’t answer. The announcer said, “Where was the Vietnam War fought?” They couldn’t answer it. They said, “Where was the Civil War fought and who was it between?” They said Germany and places like that. And we’re sending them to college and they want a free education? What did they learn in school? Don’t it teach you no more history, or is it all Google now?

Rampant evil

Evil is rampant in our country these days. They’ve had another shooting and if they take the guns away they’ll be denied, then the hatchets will do what they want to do.

Asking for prayers

Anybody who can pray and knows how, pray for those two men [SBI agents] who got burned and are in the burn center. They got hurt down there at Spivey’s Corner at the Tyndall place. That is so sad, they went there in good health and left in tragedy. ... Thank God for our police officers, SBI and the FBI and anybody who’s in that kind of work because they live a dangerous life and they never know what they’re going to walk into, such as what they walked into Friday.

Too many killings

I’d like to know what is going on in this world. There are the most killings of kids, the most killings lately I’ve ever seen. They are random killings. They run over them, they shoot them, it doesn’t matter if they’re kids, little kids or big ones. What is going on and what is wrong with the cops that they can’t stop some of this? I know they’re trying, but the thing about it is, try a little harder. We’re losing young people left and right. They’re getting shot. They’re getting run over. It’s like lives don’t matter.

Doing too much at border

The border is supposed be so bad for the illegals, but how many people who read the paper know they’ve got soccer fields, TVs and everything for them to watch and telephones? These people are illegal and we’ve got people here in the United States that can’t have a telephone, can’t have a TV or don’t have a place to put their heads on except the floor or the ground. Yet, we can’t do nothing for them...

Will mean higher prices

To all the people wanting $15 an hour ... Do you think what’s going to happen? The business is going to pass the cost on to the customers. How many people can afford that and you’ve got four or five in the family. That means prices are going up and businesses are going out of business because they can’t afford to pay that kind of money.

Unhappy with TV news

There’s a commercial on (a local TV) station about them being the best local news. They are the most biased form of news you’ve ever seen.

Wants to boycott show

The right wing needs to do like the left wing, if they don’t like somebody on TV, they boycott. Well, I don’t like “The View,” so let’s boycott all the people who sponsor it and see what they do.


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