Sound off


Litterbugs are back

The litterbugs are at it again. Three Bridge Road was cleaned up for a few days,but the litterbugs are back at it again. A couch, chair and bag of trash are on the side of the road a little further past the bridges. The bag did not blow off, it is sitting there upright.... Someone needs to install wildlife cameras all along Three Bridge Road and catch whoever is doing it. ...Our litter laws need to be strictly enforced ... We cannot attract new businesses or residents with our roads looking like a pig sty.

Never satisfied

I just wanted to say these Democrats will never be satisfied with what President Trump does. He’s done some great things for this country. He’s done more in four years than Obama did in eight. They just need to leave him alone.

Need some advice

How can you tell a person that says that they’re a Holy Ghost filled, fire baptized, that has a nasty attitude, that they have bad breath and they need to cover their mouth when they cough? Looking for advice. Thank you.

No cause for impeachment

The Democrats have tried for three years pulling on straws they find to impeach Trump. He has done nothing to cause impeachment. If it was a Democrat in the White House then they would get anything they want, I mean anything!

Help the homeless

You keep hearing about the treatment of the illegals crossing the border, but what about the homeless? I’m sure those homeless people on the streets would love a nice bed or a warm meal. We need to help our homeless veterans and other homeless. These illegals need to wait and try to actually be citizens.

Return to paper

If these Democrats are so afraid that Russia will hack the election again, why not go back to paper ballots. I doubt the Russians will hack that.

Try working in the fields

You ever wonder about these people sitting in air condition? You can’t put them to work because their parents don’t want them working in the fields. But when I was little, you worked in the fields. Nowadays you gotta sit by the air condition with your phone. You know why they can’t pick cotton or tobacco anymore? It’s because they would have to put their phones down.

Don’t forget the straw

I despise when I go somewhere to get a drink and they don’t put a straw in the bag. What good is a drink without a straw?

Help them yourselves

These bleeding heart liberals want nice houses for the illegals crossing the border, and want to give them money, but the illegals won’t show up at their court date. These liberals won’t use their own money to help them, why won’t they keep the illegals in their backyards.

Quit sending money

On [a local television station] they were talking about how the day care centers in North Carolina weren’t licensed for illegals. Well, we need to stop sending money down to help Mexico. Then people will actually try to come over legally.

Clean up mess

I do wish that the people who look after Rhodes Pond would clean that mess up! A lady left our house the other night and a deer came out and tore up her car. Thankfully, she didn’t get hurt. They need to clean it up. Even if they can’t do the pond for a few years, they could at least cut back the brush and debris. People are getting hurt and cars tore up. You can’t see the deer until they jump out in front of you. People will see them before they have accidents if someone cleaned up this mess.


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