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Mailbox bandits

What is wrong with people today? Twice in less than six months, a reckless driver has taken out our mailbox. Most recently, split my 4-by-4 post and sent the box sailing! Not a note or care in the world from the culprit. Have a little decency and own up to your mistakes! Slow down and mind your manners. Common sense not optional!

Remove guns

I called [a department store’s] corporate office last year to ask them to remove guns out of the store, and customers bring in guns. They were the first to get rid of the Confederate flag. People bring their guns in [the store] and buy them there and nothing happens. I called two weeks before the recent shooting in El Paso [Texas], because I’m uncomfortable. This should be a family store. Now there’s these people dead, but they still sell guns.

It’s my freedom

It’s my desire to own an automatic weapon if I want. I’ve never had the desire to shoot or kill anyone. I’m an American citizen, that’s my freedom. And it’s no one’s business on why I want to own a gun.

Call others

There here been several ads on TV addressing Thom Tillis. But why are they only calling on him? Why not call on all of the ones who represent us in Washington? Why just him? What about the others?

Good column

I read Jimmy Parker’s opinion column, “No Political Solution” [Aug. 8]. I totally agree with him. Thank you for writing an unbiased article on how the media and politicians are trying to turn everything for them to make political statements and that guns are a society problem. That was a very good article.

Need more discipline

A shooting happened in Raleigh this week, and people ask: “How did this happen in the middle of the day?” It happened because nothing happens to them. They just pat them on the head and on the back. People don’t spank their kids anymore, but they need to. They say you’re not allowed to discipline your kids anymore, and that’s why these things happened. These people need consequences.

They’ll think twice

They want to take guns away from people. But there are a lot of people who get guns off the black market. Do you think the black market runs background checks? Heck no! If more people had concealed weapon permits, then these shooters would think twice before doing it.

Should pay the price

When are they going to get [it] in their heads that if a shooter kills someone, it’s no worse than when a drunk driver kills someone? They should both pay the same price. But no, you only hear what they want you to hear, not what it should be.

Stop the money

I need to tell Congress how to get the wall built without spending more money. Tell Mexico and all the countries below Texas that we’re not sending them money. We spend money on them, but they never send us money. If we saved that money, we could have that wall built in two days.

Not always hate crimes

President Trump didn’t tell that guy in El Paso to do the shooting. I’m so tired of people claiming white supremacy. If any other race does stuff it’s not listed as hate crime, but if white people do stuff, it’s hate crime.


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