The prescription pad of hope


For all the political insanity I have had to endure over the course of my life in the world, once again this morning I said a prayer thanking the Lord that I was not a native stuck in the state of California governed by California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

In case you have missed it, Gov. Newsom and the state of California has a huge homeless crisis and the governor’s State of the State Address last week convinced me just how hopeless this state has become under the leadership of this progressive icon of lunacy.

During the governor’s state address outlining his plan for holistic solutions to the health care and homeless crisis, the governor stated that doctors should be able to write prescriptions for housing, just like they do for insulin and antibiotics. Seriously, Gavin! What does that even mean?

Since when are California doctors going to find time to get into the housing business? I can see it now. Residents of California getting phone calls from CVS to verify their prescription for a three-bedroom, two bath, ranch-style home. Do California doctors have a magical prescription pad of hope that can solve all your problems governor?

If California doctors had a prescription pad of hope, and I was stuck there, I would seek a prescription for the next one-way flight out of Gov. Newsom’s kingdom of lunacy.

While the governor’s comments may be comical to sensible Americans, the scary part is this man was elected to this office. He didn’t just magically appear in the governor’s mansion with a prescription in his hands. This man won a majority of the votes cast by the citizens of California without the aid of Russian meddling.

While this lunacy may be isolated to California for now, what does the future hold for the rest of the nation and who will be there to write us a prescription for freedom? Where will you go when your quiet suburban neighborhoods become littered with homeless heroin addicts and government dependency becomes your only way of life? It’s coming to a neighborhood near you, and sooner than you think.

As we speak, thousands of young Americans are attending the political rallies of Sen. Bernie Sanders, willing to trade the few freedoms they have remaining for the empty promises of the socialist utopia that has never existed.

If we can lose a state the size of California to political insanity then we can certainly lose the entire nation. The Gov. Newsom’s of the world are now a dime a dozen in today’s modern democratic party and the desire to prescribe to you cradle to grave government dependency has never been stronger.

While Gov. Newsom may seem lost on the homeless issue facing his state at least he had the foresight to save the planet for the rest of us with his plastic straw ban and for that we shall forever be grateful.

Jimmy Parker lives in Erwin. Contact him at


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