Three rescued puppies


With all the doom and gloom in the world, it’s nice to be reminded that there are good, unselfish people among us. So it was a couple of weeks ago when Aiken, S.C., residents Wayne Heath and his son, Chase, while traveling to see the Clemson-N.C. State football game on Oct. 20, came across three abandoned puppies, very skinny and covered with ticks, as The Associated Press reported.

“You could tell they hadn’t been fed for days because their ribs were showing, but they were all in good spirits,” Wayne told the AP. “They were jumping all over each other and playing. They obviously were excited that we had stopped and were interacting with them.”

The Heaths lured two puppies quickly with a McDonald’s hamburger. The third, while interested, was too skittish to make contact. They spent hours trying to catch her, with no luck.

They missed the game.

As if they hadn’t been generous enough, they returned the next day to try again. It was dark before they succeeded.

“She acted like she wanted to be caught, but she was just afraid of the human touch,” Wayne said.

“I laid down flat on the ground. Then she laid down, too, and just started crawling toward me on her belly. She finally got close enough to where I was able to reach out and grab her leg.”

Rather than turn the puppies over to a shelter, the Heaths took them home. They enlisted help from a veterinarian and are working with a rescue organization to find foster or permanent homes for the puppies.

In the meantime, the puppies are getting a lot of attention. Photos and videos of them can be seen on the Facebook page of Wayne Heath Automotive.

“We just feel warm in our hearts because we think we made the right decision,” Wayne said. We agree.

Others in our community make the right decision, too, when they help puppies and other animals that have no home, including supporters of organizations like FurEver Friends, the Humane Society and Piedmont Animal Rescue. We appreciate all the good people who help.

— Winston-Salem Journal


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