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Well now that the holiday season is officially over, I have completely run out of excuses to avoid working. I have milked the holiday season for all it’s worth, spending a great deal of time watching football, digging up my yard searching for alien space debris with the help of my metal detector, and leaving work early to metal detect with friends.

Getting back into the groove at work has been difficult to say the least, but when I reflect on my holiday break, one of the most rewarding gifts I received this Christmas was the opportunity to spend some time with my daughter, Christina, and at least try to help her understand the greatness of American capitalism.

Christina is a recent college graduate and her dad is extremely proud of her accomplishments and her dedication to any and all causes she deems worthy of fighting for. Unfortunately for me, in today’s college environment, the evils of socialism are not taught to our young American youth, which at times has caused us to clash along political lines resulting in Christina writing dear old dad off as a lost cause and seeking refuge in her safe space far away from dear old dad.

Now, every Christmas, I buy each of my children a silver coin. In part, I buy my children silver coins because I am an avid collector myself and I hope to inspire my children to become avid collectors as well, or at least appreciate the hobby. Another reason I buy my children silver is I never want to see my children feel the desperation of being broke. I have had the good fortune of seeing good financial times in my life and I have seen times when I have been down to my very last dollar. As I tell my children, as long as you keep the gifts I give to you, you will never be completely broke.

Now, when it comes to teaching my children the evils of socialism, there is no better example on planet earth than the oil rich nation of Venezuela where the value of the paper currency is so worthless an ounce of silver can be traded for four chickens. In all seriousness, my heart breaks for the poor people of Venezuela, no nation should ever have to live under the thumb of a ruthless socialist dictator, but, unfortunately, the disarmed citizens are trapped in a world of poverty and despair.

While it may seem heartless to make light of the situation in Venezuela, whenever Christina has a bad life experience or gets down in the dumps, I am always quick to remind her that she is a Venezuelan millionaire. Whenever I have a bad life experience, Christina will return the favor by saying, you are still a Venezuelan millionaire, Dad.

While we both enjoy being millionaires somewhere on planet earth, the greatest gift I have to offer my children is the gift of American capitalism and the freedom to understand it.

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