Why I like Trump


To the Editor:

My lawyer asked me this question back in 2015, “Why do I like Trump?”

I supported Donald Trump since the day he came down the escalator. I knew he was a winner. I knew all about him from the 1980s and 1990s. All are sinners and fall short of the glory of God. Some don’t understand this, but Christians do.

President Trump is the greatest president in American history. He has kept his promises that he made to get elected. It is not Trump’s wall, it is our wall. He is for law and order, but he is a sweethearted and very tender-hearted person, hugging Americans of African descent and all people. I watch his face and eyes, and I detect not a racist bone in his body. President Trump will lead us into the next century, and beyond, by what he has done today.

I do not believe things unless I see them with my own eyes and there is indisputable proof: Many people are falsely accused in this world, including Jesus Christ.

So, Democrats like (Kirsten) Gillibrand want to regulate pain medicines for cancer patients so that people will suffer? But, Trump is going to make healthcare great for everyone. That’s an easy choice.

Why do I like Trump? He is NOT a bully. He stands UP to bullies. He fights for the underdog, and I like that.

Donald Trump said he is going to acknowledge slavery and he has, he has given jobs and recognition to more Americans of African descent than any president in history. He has invited more African Americans to the White House than ANY President in history. He gives a permanent solution to the mistreatment of Americans of African descent by walking the talk, with action, and not with a temporary solution of reparations that don’t amount to a pile of beans. He ALWAYS gets results.

He knows history that Native Americans, whites, and blacks were sometimes enslaved, and sometimes free, and they ALL built the country together. He stands with police and law enforcement and protects life.

A big part of why I think Trump won the election is the Jews trust him, and while every single Democrat presidential nominee is boycotting AIPAC, he protects Israel. As a President, he follows the U.S. Constitution, and he is making America great again, greater than ever before.

Elizabeth Temple

Spring Lake


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