Surely many of you have memories of Mayton Upchurch. Mayton was 95 years old and had moved to Coats 60 years ago. He was a veteran of the World War I but what amazed The Daily Record reporter was that at his age he had a full head of hair, bushy dark eyebrows and his real teeth. 

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H.L. Sorrell Jr., pictured, and the other two commissioners-elect in 1992 were in agreement about the need to be in close contact with department heads to better understand what and how the county’s needs should be met.

The Daily Record interviewed H.L. Sorrell Jr., Dan Andrews and Joe Bowden, who were commissioners-elect for the Harnett County Board of Commissioners for 1992-96. Zoning, which was a hot topic in the county, was one of the questions asked to the newly elected officials. Sorrell stated that he felt zoning should be uniform throughout the county not just in his District 3. He stated that zoning is not always understood but is needed to protect the investment that the property owners have in their land. 

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Imagine how happy Mike and Kathy Ennis were when Leslie entered their lives. She was 4 years old in 1992.

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Seated from left are Jeanette Johnson, her brother Richard Daniel and his wife, Janice Barnes Daniel. They visited the Coats Museum to view the videos given by Marie Salmon. The video that interested them was of the 1992 third-grade students at the Coats Senior Center. The seniors included Thessie Denning Daniel and Hazel Morgan Barnes telling how life was, such as the woven wool blanket from sheep on the Denning farm that had been sent to New York for the colorful weaving.

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