An ‘I’ infection

Posted 9/10/21

EDITOR’S NOTE: This column features lessons and sermons for children from Annette Dammer’s book “Ready, Set, Go!”

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An ‘I’ infection


EDITOR’S NOTE: This column features lessons and sermons for children from Annette Dammer’s book “Ready, Set, Go!”

The point of it all

We all need to be on time with God’s work. If we jump ahead or put off doing

God’s plans, we may miss our chance.

  • Eye patch — can be an adhesive bandage or cotton with tape.
  • Watch or clock.
  • Hot dog or cooking pot — or whatever has to do with what you do right after church.
To do’s
  • Get eye patch ready.
  • Rest and pray on God’s meaning of this message for you. Are you right on time with God’s will or rushing ahead? Doing His work for him? Procrastinating out of fear or busyness? As for me, I do rush and procrastinate.
  • Review anything stagnating or bothering you right now. Maybe find an answer for you! Of course, you may be right on time. I’m usually patient with one project but need a “Whoa Nellie” or a “Giddy Up” on another.
Verses to pray on

Ecclesiastes 3, especially verse 1

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens ...”

God made everything beautiful in its time. It is not about me.

Ready, Set, Go!

(Put eye patch on out of sight of children.) Hi, guys! It’s good to see you! You know this morning I have an I-I-I infection. I needed your help so badly. And you can see, I wanted to see you, so I came right to church. That’s right! Got dressed, ate breakfast, read my Bible, and drove right over. It was dark outside, but I was here. I was so excited. (Dangle the clock or watch.)

You’re not going to believe this, but you weren’t here! The lights were off. It was dark in here. I was alone, but I did my little sermon anyway. After all, I was so excited!

I have to tell you; I was mighty disappointed in all of you (grin to the wee ones so they know you’re kidding). Here I was, ready to go, all my stuff arranged, and you didn’t show up! Well, yes, that was five hours ago. You were sleeping. So, you couldn’t even hear all the great stuff I was talking about, could you?
I’m teasing, of course, I wasn’t here. But what if I’d rushed over and done it my way? On MY time schedule?

After church we go home and I fix hot dogs for my family (personalize and wave object). If I still did that, on my time schedule, I would already be taking my Sunday afternoon nap by now! (Snore and snort loudly.) And you’d be here. Alone!

That would be very sad, wouldn’t it? I did have an I-I-I infection. I wanted to get started. I was excited. I went ahead. I did what I wanted when I wanted! And I forgot about you, I forgot about God’s plans for all of us! I — I — I.

God’s timing is important. He sets things up for a reason. Sometimes I have to wait for something special — like Christmas. Or I have to wait for something I want — even to come to church and be with you at a certain time. But when it finally comes — on God’s time, not mine — it’s a wonderful time! And I don’t get an eye infection! (Pull off eye patch.)

Let’s pray. Father help us to pray for Your perfect time. Help us to be on time for You. Amen.

Annette Dammer is a columnist, teacher, former children’s minister and author of the book “Ready, Set, Go! A Year of Object Lessons.” This column includes lessons from her book.


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