Let us always remember

Posted 5/28/21

This weekend we will celebrate Memorial Day, a time to remember those who have died in defense of our liberties. Following is a list of area people who have made that sacrifice. Let’s always …

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Let us always remember


This weekend we will celebrate Memorial Day, a time to remember those who have died in defense of our liberties. Following is a list of area people who have made that sacrifice. Let’s always remember the sacrifices made.



Jessie M. Avery, Walter K. Barefoot, Chester A. Barnes, Henry T. Buchanan, Gilbert Cameron, Andy Collins, Thomas H. Colville, Russell Jarman, James A. Johnson and John Johnson.

William F. Jones, Dudley King, Ras Matthews, W.H. Matthews, Walter P. Matthews, Allen B. McLean, Colin C. Shaw, Charlie C. Smith and Arthur R. Stewart.



Palmer E. Autry, Charles E. Baggett, Edgar W. Baggett Jr., Andrew B. Baker, Vauclain W. Barnes, Edward E. Beasley, Jesse G. Beasley, Herman A. Bennett, William C. Bennett, John B. Bethea, Olin Myles Jackson, Rudolph Matthews, James Blaylock, Francis H. Broughton, Lewis B. Buie, William Butler, Howard Butts, Frederick M. Caudell, Eugene Cofield, Otis Colville, Edward Connor and Jack D. Core.

Odis E. Core, Jacob Cornsilk, Allie R. Currin, Chester C. Darroch, Chester A. Davis, Alvah J. Denton, Robert L. Dew, William A. Douglas, Arnold Douglass and William Dougle.

Edward R. Ennis, Howard Ennis, George L. Fuquay Jr., John W. Gibson, John H. Gibson Jr., Louis Gill Jr., Vernon L. Godwin, Laurie J. Griffin, Clarence R. Hair and John D. Harrington.

Charles T. Henry, John H. Hickman, James Hobbs, James E. Hockaday, Robert P. Jackson, Robert S. Jernigan, John E. Johnson, Rex Orus Johnson Jr., Robert H. Johnson, Warren H. Johnson and Samuel Edward Knox.

Fulton P. Laner, James H. Lee, John L. Lee, Herbert Lucas, Jasper Lucas, Margeret E. Lucas, David D. Mahon, Charles Marzadro, Robert L. McKinney, James G. McLamb, M.M. McLaughlin, William D. McLeod, Leslie A. Mc-Neill, John W. McPherson, Ralph K. Mitchell, Earl S. Moore, Silas E. Moore, Freddie C. Murchison, Fred A. Myatt and Thomas Jerome Myers.

William Nordan, Joseph M. Norris, Henry C. Ousley Jr., Brenton C. Page, William W. Parker, Willie B. Platt, Waylon T. Pleasant, Kenneth Moore Rayford, Worth T. Register and Haywood V. Roberts.

John C. Ryals, Joseph Ryals, Charlie Sanford, Hubert L. Sills, William H. Sills, Earnest A. Simmons, Dorsey W. Slaughter, Benjamin W. Smith, James M. Smith, Jerry A. Smith, Willard J. Smith, Clarence Eugene Sox, William G. Spivey, Paul R. Starling, Albert M. Stephenson, Clyde L. Stewart, Roger H. Stewart, William M. Stone, William H. Strickland and Robert E. Suggs.

Winsor B. Surles, Atlas C. Tart, William P. Tart, George D. Thomas, James H. Tripp, William A. Tyndall, Tilghman L. Wade, James 0. Warren Jr., William J. Washington, Howard Wells, Howard Woodall West, Carlie J. Wilson, Rawls Wilson, Ralph Winstead and James O. Wood.



Robert J. Altemus, Vernon L. Braswell, James Caviness Brown, Archie T. Croom Jr., Henry P. Denning, Fred D. Ellen, Eli Godwin, Roger Porter, William Durwood Raynor, Edward M. Smith and Willie R. Wade.



James Edward Butler, James Edward Byrd, Donny Rae Campbell, Charles Cook, Jerry Allen Dennis, Isaac Ray Draughon, John O. Finnicum, Marvin Arthur Gies, James Luther Hall and Albert Lee Johnson.

Denning Cicero Johnson, Kenneth Mac Lee, Roy Ronald Lee, Richard Floyd Mason, James L. McCaden, Alex Leon McLean, Larry D. McKoy, Robert David McMillian, Lonnie Earl McNeill and William Brice Parnell.

Leonard Monroe Parrish, Gerald Arthur Phillips, Robert Louis Smith, Donald David Stewart, Eugene Wesley Wicker and William Sherrill Willis.



Connie Ray Page



Joseph Guerrera, Marvin Miller, Eric Matthew Steffeney, Robert M. Horrigan, Robert Thomas Johnson and Clint Moore.



Adam Kenneth Ginett, Jeffery C.S. Sherer, Trevor Adkins, Michael Stephen Duskin and Chris Bohler.


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