‘Looks can be deceiving’

Posted 6/11/21

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Looks can be deceiving?”

My daughter recently sent a photo from the country she is currently living in and if I didn’t know any better I would …

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‘Looks can be deceiving’


Have you ever heard the phrase, “Looks can be deceiving?”

My daughter recently sent a photo from the country she is currently living in and if I didn’t know any better I would assume she is on a tropical vacation. I thank God for the beauty around her, beauty that she frequently shares with me. I am not able to provide things like air conditioning, a warm bath, washing machine, comfort food, unlimited snacks and most important the love of our home, but God is meeting all her needs better than I ever could.

When we look around this world today we can be tempted to feel that God has forgotten us. We can feel that He can’t handle this mess we are currently in. This is definitely a “looks can be deceiving” moment.

It appears to some He isn’t working. God shows unlikely people unlikely things. We are no different. If you are tempted to think the messiness of this world is too big to control, that view is deceptive!

Take a look at John 6. In the 9th verse we see a boy with five small loaves and two small fish. All four Gospels have this story, but only John’s Gospel shares the source of the items and gives the descriptive wording that shows us the size of the task.

The entire Bible is filled with so many of the ways God took on problems that were too big for his people.

We will keep our focus today on this one. The words “boy” and “small” are used. Read the whole story in verses 1-15 and be reminded that the big problems in our lives can be handled because we serve a BIG God! A God who can feed well over 5,000 people, probably closer to 15-20 thousand (but who is counting) with two SMALL fish and five SMALL loaves that were shared by a BOY!!

I think God loves these situations where we can look around and say “only God can do this.” Bigger problems are greater opportunity for God to work.

In a perfect world, life would feel “normal” right now, but maybe God wants so much more for us.

Look around this week and snap a photo of beauty around you or a scripture you read. It would be so encouraging and give praise to THE ONE who has provided.

My daughter’s photo looks like one from the vacation of a lifetime with the palm trees and beautiful sunset shot from a balcony, but she was just walking down the hot asphalt of an empty street to get a taco from a family she has grown to love.

Yes, looks can be deceiving.

Things in our lives can look good outwardly, but inwardly we can be falling apart. If that’s you today, I pray that you reach out and take hold of Him right where you are.

The one who did miracles like we read about here in the Gospel of John is still working miracles today.

Look around and see them and remember that looks can be deceiving.

Erika Wrench lives in Godwin.


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