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Posted 7/16/21

We ask you to share your thoughts, opinions and comments via email at, text to, by snail mail at P.O. Box 1448, Dunn, NC 28335 or by notes left …

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Sound off


We ask you to share your thoughts, opinions and comments via email at, text to, by snail mail at P.O. Box 1448, Dunn, NC 28335 or by notes left at our office at 99 W. Broad St., Dunn. Comments should be limited to 100 words or less and may be edited or cut to fit. Not all Sound Offs will make it into print.

The opinions expressed here are those of anonymous readers and do not reflect the official policy or opinions of The Daily Record or its staff.

Grateful for farmer’s market

This is in response to the article published Friday, July 9, about the vendors at the Dunn Farmer’s Market (Sound Off, “Not All Local”). My personal opinion is that the people in this area are blessed to have this place available to go buy fresh produce locally grown. As for myself, I consider all the vendors to be local. After reading the article and asking a few questions, I was told anyone within a 50-mile radius could sell their wares or produce at the Dunn Farmer’s Market. I’m not a vendor, but I do shop at the market almost every Saturday. Thank you to each vendor who gets out in the heat of the day to make the produce available to all people.


Streets need some attention

For the life of me I do not understand why Harnett County, and that includes the city of Dunn, can’t do some major infrastructure repair. Every street in Dunn, and every road all over each surrounding county and all over the state of North Carolina, needs repaving. The attention doesn’t only need to be focused on downtown Dunn. If your vehicle doesn’t have a rattle or two, you will definitely soon have them. Please stop patching the roads, which is done so poorly it makes it worse than before.


Open up the recreation center

Can the mayor and city council get the Dr. P.K. Vyas Recreation Center back open? When this facility was built it was put there for the benefit of Harnett County and surrounding areas. At the beginning it was a safe place for senior citizens to use the gym for walking. And afternoons for recreational use for the kids and youth. It’s of no benefit for anyone if it stays closed and dormant.


Spruce up post office grounds

Should not our local post office be well kept as other federal buildings? The Dunn Post Office lawn care leaves much to be desired. The grass is always in need of mowing. The shrubs and trees are awkwardly trimmed. I think I could do better if I wore a blindfold. The entrance and lobby is always in need of a good floor sweeping and scrubbing. This building and landscape should be kept in tiptop condition not the eyesore that it is.


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