Well boys, I guess you’ve got me trained

Posted 12/3/21

I don’t know how many out there are cat people and how many are dog people or for that matter how many out there are no pets people.

For me, I’m able to go with both cats and dogs, …

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Well boys, I guess you’ve got me trained


I don’t know how many out there are cat people and how many are dog people or for that matter how many out there are no pets people.

For me, I’m able to go with both cats and dogs, even though we only have two cats — Jayden and George. Jayden is the oldest making him the senior feline in the old homestead. George is still relatively young and continues to be one who shies away from strangers. No check that, he’s one who continues to bolt away from strangers. George is very aware of those around him and if he don’t know you, he ain’t getting to know you.

While I can pull out a multitude of stories about the two of them, I think this will be better if I tell you stories of what they have come to expect from me. For the most part, both are happy as cats go, or at least they appear to be happy. You never really know with cats. Sometimes they simply look at you and other times they either run from you or get in your face and make their point.

Jayden is the one who is most likely to approach you when he needs — or thinks he needs — something done on his behalf. He will tell you in no uncertain terms when it’s time to make sure the feed dish is full.

Let me explain, we have an automatic feeder and a motorized, yes, I said motorized, water contraption. When the part of the feeder that houses the food is available, Jayden and George simply refuse to see the bottom of the dish.

If there is a bare spot of any size, and I do mean any size, they will immediately come to me for action. They demand in their own cat way, the holes be filled and the bowl have food all the way to the rim.

In order to get this message across, the two cats have very distinct ways to get the message across. If I am in the man cave and not paying any attention of the outside world, which is quite often, Jayden will jump onto the arm of my chair and begin by staring at me. If I pay no attention then he will begin to nudge me in the face or ear to get the attention he so immediately desires.

When this happens the old man immediately gets the message and gets off his duff and heads to the feed bowl to give it a tap with a foot.

George, on the other hand, is a bit of a hollerer. He will start at the feed dish by uttering loud meows. If I don’t respond he will continue to repeat the moans of hunger as he walks ever closer to the door of the man cave.

If I am not in the area near the feeder, the notification process becomes a little more less complex. They simple stand in the front of the feeder, staring at me with a stern look. One will look directly at me and the other will shift his stares between me and the feed dish. Never mind the fact the open space in the feeder is equal to the size of a dime. Oh the excessiveness of our creatures.

George, who craves attention in his own way, has shown his demands for having a head rub and back scratch by simply using force. If he is lying on a bed or chair or whatever, if he feels the need for the aforementioned, he immediately stands up, and puts his head exactly where I am to scratch. He will nearly fall off the bed to get his head in the palm of my hand. He will raise his back and stand there until it’s done.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is rather obvious. No cat is happy until he has his person trained to meet his or her needs. And most, if not all of us, who find joy in cats, will only smile or chuckle when the cats in our lives make their point.

Well, I guess I’m making both of our feline masters as happy as larks in an open field.

Rick Curl can be reached at rcurl@mydailyrecord.com or at 910-230-2038.


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